A time to give Thanks......

Thanksgiving is just one day away, are you ready to greet your friends and family in style?Need a little "Holiday Flair?"
Well here are a two quick ideas centered around a symbol of the season - the Cornucopia!
How to Make a Cornucopia Center Piece
Step1- Purchase an actual ready-to-fill cornucopia, or a cone-shaped basket that can be shaped by steaming the narrow end and bending it slightly to resemble the horn of a goat.

Step2- Place a large tray or flat basket on a table.

Step3-Gather colorful autumn leaves and place them on the tray, or use decorative fabric autumn leaves.

Step4- Fill the cornucopia with straw, excelsior or raffia to act as a filler and to support the vegetables. This way, you don't have to use so many fruits and vegetables to fill the horn.

Step5- Set the cornucopia on top of the tray covered with leaves.

Step6-Begin placing the largest vegetables and fruits inside the cornucopia to serve as the foundation of those to come.

Step7- Continue filling the cornucopia with fall-harvested fruits and vegetables such as gourds, pomegranates, small apples, miniature pumpkins, peppers, artichokes and dried ears of Indian corn.

Step8- Allow the fruits and vegetables to spill out of the cornucopia over the fall leaves on the tray.

Step9- Spill a variety of nuts and berries over the arrangement. (Make sure to choose hardy berries, such as cranberries.) Allow them to drop into the cracks and spaces.

Step10- Finish by tucking more colorful leaves among the vegetables and fruit.

Woven Cornucopia Bread, as found on HGTV
Ingredients and materials:
cone-shaped colander
rolling pin
aluminum foil
vegetable oil spray
2 loaves of frozen bread dough
egg wash (used as paste)
cooking brush

1. Wrap a colander with aluminum foil and spray with vegetable oil.
2. Let the frozen dough thaw overnight in the fridge. Roll one loaf of bread flat with rolling pin, and drape dough over colander. Join dough edges together with egg wash, and then cover the entire dough surface with egg wash.

3. Roll out the second loaf of bread and cut it into strips approximately 1-inch wide. Position strips of dough lengthwise along the cone shape, tucking the dough ends inside the colander. Create the basketweave design by lacing in strips of dough widthwise.
4. Twist dough ends together to make the cornucopia's curling end. Apply egg wash on the entire surface, which will give a glossy sheen to the cornucopia once it's baked. Bake at 400 degrees for 15 to 20 minutes or until the surface is golden brown.

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