Who am I???

Born and raised south of I-10, I am a "Simply Southern" gal.I love Southern Cooking, Southern Football,(Go Noles) and Southern Etiquette.I love antiquing, crafting and shopping with family/friends. From finding the perfect stationary to finding the perfect monogram I am always looking for that something new "every Southern Gal has to have." With 10+ years in retail- one could say that fashion is a passion of mine! While Gap and Banana Republic occupy the bulk of my closet.. Jcrew and Anthropology also leave their mark. I am always on the look out for a simple dress, classic shoe and of course adorable garnet and gold pieces.

From wedding showers, to baby showers and everything in between I am always looking for an excuse to host a party! To me a great event is all about the details, From the initial invitation to details of the day- I aspire to create memories for those in attendance! While I am not the most domesticated gal I know, I enjoy cooking/baking - and am always looking to try something new! I aspire to be create that wonderful memorable dish/dessert my mom and grandma always bring to the table/party.

Join me as I chronicle my findings, ideas, passions, travels, and or course the adventures along the way. You might find me a bit random, but hopefully always a bit inspirational and fun!

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