"Critter Pants"

The topic of dinner table discussion this week.. Yes you heard it here.. Preppy is back!!!!!

from the wall street journal

"Club ties. Lilly Pulitzer. Pants and belts embroidered with little whales or sailboats. Jack Rogers sandals.

Preppy is back in full swing. Not just the understated khakis-and-white-polo kind of preppy. This is a time of loud pink and lime -- for men.

The new preppy is much like the style chronicled in 1980's "The Official Preppy Handbook," but with some new twists. Lilly Pulitzer, whose flowered Palm Beach shift dresses became famous in the 1960s, now has a collection for men and has broadened her offerings for women and children as well. Ralph Lauren has renewed its famous Polo shirts by enlarging the pony, giving its WASP-y standard an ironic wink. There are new angles -- like pants in horizontal seersucker and corduroy from Cordarounds.com1.

Vineyard Vines now does for men what Lilly Pulitzer has long done for women. It has quickly sold out of this season's colorful patchwork shorts, and another hot seller is four-panel pants in blue, green, pink and yellow -- each panel a different color. Launched in 1998, its revenue has risen nearly sixfold over the past three years, and it is now taking its seersucker pants and flowered skorts across the Pacific to the U.K. So very American, the silk ties populated by tiny whales, sailboats or flags are a favorite among politicians; Arnold Schwarzenegger and Bill Clinton are among the adherents."

What are critter pants? where do you order them? who wears them??

a book that relates to the conversation of critter pants

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