Modern Monogram Rules Cont....

Ok.. so in case you haven't gotten enough .. below are some more modern monogramming "rules" ...

Life Partners - the monogram would blend both of their names.. ie: Tim Harris, and John Williams monogram would be HW

Blending of Last names- the monogram would be the brides first, and last initial, then the grooms last initial, and first initial ie:Jennifer Butler marries Marc Harris their monogram would be JBHM Please note the couple, can also choose to merge their last names like the above for a simple BH

Last names with a "double letter"- O'Connell, or McDonald- There is much discussion around this one, however I prefer to keep it simple using just the 1st letter (the O, or M in this case) .. Some would but the C in the O ...

Hope the "Rules" given the past two days will help you create a monogram that is all your own!! In a world increasingly overrun with the marketing of corporate image, it is important to remember that a monogram is a personal "logo", and deserves the same attention to good design. Creating a symbol for yourself, can be a very rewarding process.

And now that you have your very own monogram check back on Wednesday for the start of what to monogram......


  1. ooo, shout out to me :o)
    I know I have a long, silly (and not legal) name. I didn't make M-M take BH, we just went for the JHM like the traditionalists - he, he

  2. That made me smile...I love the Jenny Sue shout out :)