Modern Monogramming Rules!

First of all, monograms with three initials are generally in the Victorian format of first initial, large last initial, middle initial. Allison Catherine Bradford would immediately recognize the monogram as her own – first name initial (A) on the left, middle name initial (C) on the right, and last name initial (B) in the center, larger than the rest.

Then there is the male monogram of same-size letters first, middle, last initials.

Married monograms usually consist of the bride’s first initial on the left, the groom’s first initial on the right, and the joint last name initial larger in the center, similar to the Victorian female version. Reasoning - "...linens are generally considered a bride's domain."

A married woman would use her first name initial on the left, maiden initial on the right, then new last initial larger in the center.

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