Monogramed stationery,

Simply Stationary... As we enter 2009 one of my personal resolutions is to write more to my friends and family. The reason for this resolution is simple: We all love "snail mail" from our friends and loves ones, and in this busy world we all live in taking the time out to write/send a simple note means a lot. Thus my focus on the perfect Southern Stationary..after all- we all know every southern gals' stationary says a lot about her....

My personal favorite is the simple three letter monogram on simple white or ivory fold over (see above) where the letters are raised, and in the same color. Another favorite is the flat card stock (see left) where the letters are in a contrasting color. (some even choose a variety or colors) When at all possible a lady should order the envelope that corresponds with the stationary, or purchase a simple return stamp that coordinates.

Another option is the single letter monogram.. While I prefer to use my last name, many women today prefer to use their first name.... This option allows for creative displays incorporating the letter.. be it a circle, an animal, or just an exciting color... be sure to keep it fun.. and something you would be proud of..

Another fun option for the "family" is a personalized card with will allow you to showcase your family members, and even the family pet if you wish!!! Many card companies allow you to personalize the individual family members and pets with clothing, hair type, etc..

End the end... have fun and find something that is personal to you, and showcases your personality... In the mean time, I'll be checking my mailbox to see your latest creation.. =)

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