Southern Travel at its Best

Well, as some of you know, I volunteer as a chapter advisor for the local chapter of Alpha Chi Omega. Each year the chapter takes a sisterhood retreat to a "Southern location" for a weekend of bonding, and an activity of sort... Last year, they traveled to Tennessee to go white water rafting, sleep in cabins, and participate in numerous bonding activities around the campfire. The event was a HUGE success, and it came as no surprise that they wanted to take another retreat this calendar year..

The suprise came, when they asked if they could embark on a weekend adventure to North Carolina for tubing, skiing, and bonding of course! Now my first reponse was NO.. not only would it be too expenseive, but where would they stay? did the location have waivers, etc etc... Now if you knew my collegians it would come as no suprise to you that they put in the hours for research and promptly reported back with a plan that won me over.. They would be traveling to Charloette via bus and staying with a collegians Mom... Now this "mom" is not just any mom- but a greek woman herself.. She is a Tri-delta, and a woman who truly understands the life long commitment to not only her national organization but the pahellenic community.... Needsless to say, I was comforatable and the planning began..

This weekend 100+ of the chapter women left on a 3 day whirl wind trip complete with Bus drama, tubing, skiing, bonding, and a wonderful stay at perhaps the cutest house in the south. So cute infact that nearly every collegian has posted a picture of it in their Retreat photo album.. So while the adorable pink house may be not an "offical" landmark in Southern Travel.. I can assure you I will be stopping by to take a photo of my own next time I am in Charlotte!


  1. NO way - a pink house. She is SO sweet with that welcome sign - she is too much. What a great mom. (and woo hoo AXO)

  2. i agree.. she totally deserves a mothers pin.. and if she wasnt already a tri delta i would so alumane initiate her