I thought Florida was the Sunshine State?

apparently, not today, or anytime this weekend for that matter, and this upsets me. While Tallahassee could use a little rain, the downpour currently occurring is not ok..

Dear Mother Earth,
Your blame your continued rainfall, as the reason I would rather curl up in bed and watch Steel Magnolias when I should be working on the upcoming gala I am chairing.. I realize this is a bit selfish, but have you thought about all of the citizens of Tallahassee who are anxiously awaiting SpringTime Tallahassee tomorrow?? huh?? Well ponder that for a moment, and then I ask you to please allow the sun to shine tomorrow..



  1. funny - the parade was not hampered by rain, but the wind just about killed us. we were like live kites with our 60ft-long banner.

    no, my parents didn't visit.

    family dinner on Sat. with cake and errands and housework on Sun. - when you're old birthday's are sad. though i did receive two trees and a rocking peacock umbrella (it is Hera-esque)

  2. Sounds like fun presents! we will make up for it with a rocking BDAY in 2010

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