Preppy, Southern, and owned by fellow Alpha Chi's

Southern Proper is a one stop shop for every Southern Girl to stock up on apparel for her Beau. Southern Proper's founders Emmie and Reagan are girls after my own heart. (and fellow Alpha Chi's of course) Their website boasts:

"Men of the south have always been noted for their distinguishable d├ęcor and dress. Their honey-soaked accents and captivating manners charm women from all parts of the world. However, it's the tradition of sophisticated and influential attire that completes their status as gentlemen; for field or fancy, men of the South are always well-dressed. Furthermore, southern men with their modest but strong sense of style have admittedly been dressed by the daintiest of hands."

I for one, love a "Simply Southern" gentleman, and all of the attire on this site.. check back often as patterns change each season!

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