Time are Changing.. how to you keep in touch with your fellow Southern Gals?

While every Southern girl, has her favorite stationary, and tries to correspond via "snail mail" as often as possible. Modern times bring additional options that allow us gals to communication on the web. These options allow for us to post, and view updates almost instantly, and are a great addition to the forums of coummunication we currently use. While some will abandon the pen and paper to post a Happy Bday message on Facebook, or post photos on myspace. Others chose to tweet about their birthday plans. While the world of twitter is new to me, please join me in wishing a Happy belated birthday to twitter — It was twitter’s 3rd birthday on Saturday, March 21st and here’s a little cupcake to celebrate.

In the mean time, I hope that all you Southern Gals, will keep your pen and paper around for years to come!

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