I may have found a new obsession.. for stationery, that is..

Silhouettes are the new monogram, ok I made that up but they very well may be. I stumbled across the samples in this email while looking for wedding inspiration for a friend, and while they have nothing to do with her theme, I just had to share them with my friends, family and blog for the world to see.

Silhouettes make for a great personal touch on stationary, save the dates, and invitations... and there are no rules (like the monogram) on using it prior to your nuptials. Couples can also choose to frame their silhouettes for some personalized art work in their new home!!


  1. what friend's wedding? and I can't see the pictures - boooo.

    esp. precious are silhouettes of the children that hang in a family house long after the children are "growed up". very old school :o)

  2. I love, love , love silhouette.. i know they are old school.. but i totally will have them done for my family one day.. =)