It’s Time to Rethink Carnations....

Because, like many people, I think of carnations as cheap, filler flowers. I have often tried to avoid using them, ordering them for a friend,etc..However, with carnations being my sororities flower, I have begun looking for ways to utlize the flower in new and exciting ways.. I have learned that when you put a lot of carnations together, the impact can be quite dramatic. And cost effective. So, I’m changing my tune. I’m now a fan.

One of the ways carnations work best is in clean, geometric shapes (think circles, squares and rectangles). Check out these stunning pomanders for the aisle or other entry ways. I also enjoy that the pomanders could be hung form a tree for an outside occasion..

Carnation Pomanders for wedding aisle Carnation Pomanders for wedding aisle Carnation Pomanders for wedding aisle
Picture courtesy of purejoyflowers.com Pictures courtesy of huckleberrykaren.blogspot.com

Carnation table arrangement Carnation Table Arrangement
Pictures: (Red) arenaboxflowers.com (White) weddingflowerguru.com
Carnation Wedding Altar Arrangement

During my web searches I learned that: Carnations are generally the 1/3 the cost of roses and they are available in 10,000 different shades and varieties. (So there is a color to matching any palette). They are also available year round – so you don’t have to worry about seasonality affecting pricing. Better yet, carnations last a long time (which will be great for guests who might want to take an arrangement home, or for your home-as you wont have to replace as frequently) and smell great (but not overpowering). Overall, after all my research, I am beginning to LOVE carnations, in fact I think I am going to go pick some up tomorrow for my house, as I love them as a table arrangement when tightly arranged.. I am also looking forward to sharing all my findings with my fellow Alpha Chi's!!!

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