Simply Southern Sorority Seniors

Ok.. So I must admit the title was fun to say! As some of you know I currently volunteer as a chapter adviser for the collegiate chapter of my college sorority. While the job can be challenging at times, it is truly the most rewarding volunteer commitment/position I have ever held. Each day bring new suprises, obstacles, and succesess.
This spring marks my 4th year of serving as chapter advisor, and '05 new members will be graduating. in just a few short weeks. SIGH.....

As I look back on the past four years of advising, many of my memories are of working with the graduating seniors. While I hope that I was able to touch the seniors in someway, and that they learned some "life lessons" while in the chapter. I must admit that along the way I learned alot from them as well.

While, I am sad to see the seniors leave the chapter, and for many Tallahassee. I know that they will go on to do great things, and that many of them will remain involved with Alpha Chi as an alumnae. I look forward to seeing what the future brings for each and everyone of the graduates and wish then each the best .... may they now go into the world, and show everyone that Beta Eta's and Alpha Chis are truly Simply Southern Sorority gals.. always Classy and Fabulous!!!


  1. that def. brings a tear to the eye! It gets harder to do Hall of Commitment each year without crying, but then, look who is typing this, ha, ha

    the carnations post will not let me comment and I wanted to give a shout out for the carnations! I am glad you stopped bashing the poor things :O) they will never be Calla Lillies (sp?), but they can be nice.

  2. ha.. i know it makes me sad to think they are leaving..

    oh the carnation.. we have a love hate relationship