Wedding Bells are ringing.. not mine.. but I do love the planning

Recently, a good friend of mine confessed that she could not decide between having two different colors as the theme of her wedding. 1.RED and 2. GREEN... after much thought and deliberation, I exclaimed, why not have both??? Now, one would have to be very careful when mixing these two colors for a spring/summer wedding, as if done incorrectly- the wedding theme could quickly become confused with holiday decor.
I of course quickly turned to the internet to look for some ideas, and inspiration for the big day. I am in love with the montage to the left where bright lime greens mix with muted reds, and are complimented with fruit.. Another option is to go with a dark green and muted reds that border on pink..

Moral of the story, is a bride can do whatever she would like when deciding on colors, and themes for her big day! After all, it is her day.. Just remember to keep it simple, and once you have committed to something do it up!!

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