Is Southern Tea Cake the New Cupcake?

Most of you know, I love a good cupcake, but I stumbled upon a site that declared Tea Cakes are the new cupcakes.. While I am not sure I agree, I thought they made an interesting point. I plan to order some in the near future and give it a try.

Billed as "the ultimate Southern confection," Tennessee T-Cakes are diminutive delicacies with a big, romantic story behind them. They resemble cupcakes in size and shape, but feature a texture more like that of a brownie and a dusting of powdered sugar in place of the heavy frosting. Available by the box with prices starting at USD 10.95 per dozen, T-Cakes come in four variations—Key Lime, Luscious Lemon, Chocolate Truffle and Original—with Raspberry and crunchy Brittle coming soon. The closely guarded recipe for Tennessee T-Cakes dates back to ante-bellum Tennessee and a young belle's culinary talent—reputed to have won a Civil War captain's heart.

check out the official Tea Cake sight here

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