Wedding Inspiration.... you ready Nat?

So my friend Natalie, like many of my friends has a blog. Like most, the blog chronicles her day to day life, complete with its up's and downs.. However, her blog is unique as along with her daily "life updates", she is able to mix in current affairs, photos, and of course a bit of comedy!! It is quite a treasure to read, and I find myself looking forward to her updates....

Why I am writing about Natalie's blog in today's post?? Well, because when she found out I had a blog she was excited to check it out, I am sure thinking it would be something like her own.. Since checking it out.. she has made mention that my blog is nothing but weddings, and party decorations. My response "ya, so?"... Well, today when looking through one of my favorite photographers blogs I came across the below photos, that reminded me of Natalie (see photo above) and I just had to post them just for her..

See, Natalie... one day when you find your Mr. Right.. I'll already be ready for ya with inspiration and party planning. After all any excuse to throw a party is a good one.... Until then, how about a "Happy Saturday party"


  1. AnonymousMay 15, 2009

    Britain!!! I love these photos.... bet you'd never see/hear me say that about something posted here!! As far as all of that nonsense, pomp and circumstance involved with getting married, you're hired. You are the perfect candidate to plan my day (whenever that is) given you can find a sprawling field of sunflowers like this one for the photos.

    See you Saturday!!


  2. oh fun fun.. I know where we can find them- your homeland.. he he =) vacation!!!! wedding!!! here we come!!