House Hunting......

Yesterday afternoon, I went house hunting with a good friend, who is looking to purchase a home for her and her fiance to move into after their nuptials next summer. She is looking for a home that is move in ready (so either her or her fiance can live there) while giving the house an needed upgrades. I must say I had a blast. I also realized that I watch too much HGTV; I kept looking at the houses, and seeing possible upgrades, and 'flips" in my head. Without noticing, I occasionally shared these thoughts, without prompt. One would think this might be embarrassing - to my friend no, she was thinking the exact same things.. but maybe a little to the Realtor.
The whole experience got me to thinking what time of houses are my favorites? As it turns out. I love older houses from the 1950's & 1960's - they have so much character and charm. I enjoy homes that are move in ready, but leave room for buyers to add their own style. I enjoy open floor plans, big kitchens and southern charm. I enjoy big closets, renovated bathrooms, and areas that lend themselves to outside entertainment.
The above is one of my favorite southern/shabby chic kitchen photos I came across awhile back. It is whimsical, clean and you can tell speaks to the owners personality.. So what would you look for in a house?? what is your favorite??

ps.. for those Alpha Chi readers, one of our favorites today boasted an amazing dark wood door with red and green stained class.. My friend & I (both Alpha Chis) fell in love with the house after seeing the door, then both laughed later that we could be so easily charmed by something cosmetic.. Upon entering the house, we noted that the owner had a lyre jewelry tower in her walk-in closet. Some may say it is silly but we decided it was a sign.


  1. WWWHHHHHAATTT????? I saw you called - sorry I didn't get it; I was out running boring errands and I can't usually do both. Did you check to see if the owner is an AXO???? Did you take a picture of the dark wood and stained glass? Sounds nice.
    Word of advice - if you get a house older than 1985 - be prepared to change the plumbing at some point. Make sure you have enough "play money" that if upgrades haven't been made to the bathrooms and kitchens, you can afford to do it. I wanted a 50s/60s house and MM said NO (as did my momma and daddy b/c of the cost of upgrades - sad ... marry rich; that might work better) xoxo & WDA

  2. omg that is SO COOL that the house had a lyre jewelry tower & red & green glass doors!!! ahh I wonder if the owner was an AXO? Kinda sounds like it!

  3. Glad you both enjoyed the post..We looked up the last name of the owner, and referenced her address with the data base with no avail. My friend is taking her fiance by the house on Sunday, and if they decide to proceed, I am sure they will ask the owner!! So fun!