Operation Recipe Organization Begins...

As most of you know, I went home for the long weekend to relax and visit with my mom. My dad is out of town on a mini-vaca to British in the Blue Ridge- an annual weekend gathering in the Blue Ridge Mountains, North Carolina of British motocycles owners. My brother is off to Camp Woodward for the summer!

So that leaves my childhood house for mom and me to relax and catch up on some of my favorite things. Friday we went antiquing in Plant City, Florida. Shopping at Michaels, JoAnn Fabrics, Target, etc, etc.. and an evening spent organizing and sharing our recipes!

Today we are working on sewing some amazing pillows for my bed! I of course planned to do regular knife edge pillows (because they are easy) However, mom has decided that we should either do piped edged OR have pillows that have a flap in the back secured with a big button, that will allow for easy removal and cleaning! While the jury is still out- I know they will be amazing! I of course will take photos of the finished products, and post at a later date.

All of this home time.. makes me want to make a family receipe book.

1. Tell all of your family that you are preparing a family recipe book. Ask them to send you their favorite recipes and the stories behind the recipes. Ask them to identify where they originally got the recipe.
2.Type out each recipe on the computer. Play with the fonts and colors. Add colorful borders. Use clip art of spices and food preparation materials. Have fun with this part!
3. Put the title of the family recipe book and the author or authors on the first page of the photo album. Print these items out on 4x5 cards and slide them into the photo sleeves.
4. Print out the recipes on 4-by-5 card stock. Use different color cardstock or decorative card stock if you want. Place the completed recipe card on the right side of the next photo page spread, at the top.
5. Put a photo of the dish on the bottom right side of the photo spread. If you don't have a photo of the recipe, consider making the dish and taking a picture of it.
6. Put photos of your family enjoying the dish on the left hand side of the photo spread. You can also add here a card that explains the history and traditions surrounding the dish.
7. Continue with the steps above until your photo album is complete. You can make multiple copies of the book to give to family members

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