Inspired to work.....

Today I traveled back to Tally, via a stop in Gainsville to rendevou with my dad, who was driving back from NC, and then a stop in Lake City to catch up with Linds, a fellow Alpha Chi, from University of South Carolina..

Overall, it was a great drive back despite the neverending rain. Chatting with family and friends along the way, coupled with having my cat, Henry as a traveling campainion made the time fly by. I am now home, unpacked and ready for the week. After such a wonderful weekend at home sewing at chatting- I decided to end the day, relaxing in my bed with my newly sewn pillow catching up on a few of my favorite blogs. I stumbled across the above image, on Pink Wall Paper and found it inspiring! What an adorbale, girly office space. It looks tidy, while seeming functional and lived in!

Looking forward to the week ahead, and hope all my friends, family and readers are inspired by something the see today!


  1. oh so fun - I"m jealous you got to see Linds! awesome. we never have any extra time when we are driving through there - always rush to Gville and rush to Tally. can't wait to see the pillow!

  2. of course! when i get them all finished ill post pics. I need to get one more frame for the monogram above my bead, and have the little pillows to finish!

    ps. Mark the calendar...11/7 at Clemson. Linds and I are kidnapping you for a weekend of fun!