Let them have cake...

I recently created two diaper cakes for two of my close friends who had just welcomed baby girls! Both women thanked me for the cake, and raved about how cute, and unique it was. This past weekend I even helped Meredith create a unisex diaper cake for her expecting sister, and will be helping my friend, Libby create one for a relative later this week. This got me to thinking.. what other kind of cakes could I make.... the answer.. "Wedding Cakes" for bridal showers... I can't wait to try it..


  1. yes, my office colleague makes them - they are so cool! just buy towels from the couple's registry and go to town ... or I guess you could even "go kitchen" and do it with kitchen stuff. so fun!

  2. so exciting! guess we know what Ill be trying for the next shower I attend.. he he