Little Letter LOVE!!!!

Looking for another blog to follow check out Possessionista! She is a fellow Alpha Chi Omega, and one of my favorite fashion blogs to follow. She has a great eye for fashion, and understands shopping on a budget... I spotted the below wax sealed pendants on her blog this week, and just had to share......You know I love anything with a monogram, and this particular pendant combines my love of stationary (as it just reminds me of the old wax seals used on offical letters)

I love love wax sealed pendants, the come in a variety of colors! I think I am going to pick up one of my own.. the question is what color??? Pink? Red? or maybe even green??

Want to pick up one of your own visit Ritzy Misfit - an Etsy artist. Each pendant is unique and strung on a homemade chain!! These would be great for bridesmaid favor, gift, or rememberence.
Ritzy Misfit


  1. I saw that! I actually emailed it to my hubby saying "someone has a birthday coming up . . . ."


  2. i love it! I just cant decide on a color.. but I will be ordering one..what color do you want? and i wanted to give a shout out to a sisters blog.. =)