Cupcakery "Taste off"

how cute is the above .. They woudl make for an adorable centerpiece..

Last night I met up with some local alumnae at my friend Amy's house. Not only were we able to catch up on our favorite "famous" Alpha Chis who "Ames" Tivo'd for us to watch. Amy also hosted a cupcakery taste off. Alumnae enjoyed cupcakes from our tried and true favorite The Cake Shop, and then compared and contrasted them to the cupcakes form the new cupcakery in town Lucy and Leo's. I wont spoil the winner here, rathere I'll leave it to Amy to Blog about.

Next up.. all that talk about cupcakes, got me thinking about baking, which got me thinking about my dream kitchen and I just have to share one of my "home" inspiration photos.. Love the cleanlieness of the yellow and white. Love the style of the kitchen.. a little bit french, a little bit country and very traditional.. Enjoy!!

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