Mirror, Mirror on the desk?????

Isn't that supposed to be Mirror, Mirror on the wall???

Nope not in this case.. Tonight after work I am meeting up for dinner and drinks with Ashley D (sorority sister from college) and Ashley E (sorority sister from UF/UF advisor) and then headed to Ashley E's house to put the finishing touches on her mirrored mini bar that we have been working on the past couple weeks. It is coming along quite well if I do say so myself. It is coming along so well in fact, that I am thinking of creating something of my own.. I found the above photo on flicker, and thought it was precious....

Don't worry, I won't start anything too crazy until after "recruitment" season has passed, and I will post photos from tonight's completed masterpiece!


  1. dude, really? did you go to bed at 3:42 a.m.? that is what my clock is telling me ...

  2. jenn.. ha no .. i actually pre-blog alot when I see something great.. and have them post middle of the night.. so they are there in the am for your reading enjoyment!