Recruitment is just 25 days away

Getting excited for sorority recruitment 2009! Hopefully this year, recruitment will not coincide with a tropical storm like recruitment 2008. While 2008 presented many unique challenges (see photos below- left:President, Ashley unloading 200+ towels for PNMs to use to dry off before parties starting, Right: me sweeping the fallen tree branches out of the walkway in between parties) it was a year that brought an amazing new member class, and a year that brought the house even closer together.. Looking forward to the next 25 days of planning and fun!!


  1. I was trying to find a way to email, but I couldn't. I came across your blog via another blog, that was linked through another blog. (Weird I know) But then I saw your post about recruitment, and I smiled. And then I saw yesterday's post with the wedding video (which I have tweeted and blogged about myself) and I realized I was following a good blog. And then I understood, your an Alpha Chi! Keep up the great posts, and you might enjoy this:

  2. so glad you enjoyed the blog! I am committed to blogging Monday-Friday though I often find something I just have to post on the weekends, so be sure to check back!!

    Soo.. are you an Alpha Chi? I am an initiate of the Beta Eta chapter at FSU.. Where are you a HD?