Its a Small World Afterall..... the joy of living in a college town.....

Tallahassee, Florida - My Favorite "College Town"

Recently, I received a comment from fellow blogger "The House Mother Load." She had stumbled across my blog and in her words has "just enjoyed my daily finds, quotes, pics and assorted southern fun. When I mentioned something about recruitment, she had to find out if we were "related" It turns out- we're both Alpha Chi's. " She then messaged me and we started following each others blogs. We also follow each other of Twitter, Then we both are announced in Alpha Chi's new volunteer structure. Just another instance of how the internet helps to connect us on a daily basis.. it has me signing "Its a Small World Afterall".... (is it caught in your head yet?)

With the above being said, I have enjoyed Lexi's glimpse into the life of a House Director and perspective on the greek community. Recently she blogged about the joys of living in a college town! Something I can 100% attest to! There is something about the the collegians keeping you young, the many cultural events available to the community and of course the sporting events!!

Lexi wrote about a newspaper article highlighting a UNH professor's new book (well new last fall) about American College Towns. I am going to have to check it out....


  1. Thanks for the reblog!

  2. Love the shout out to Lexi! Take it from another Alpha Chi, she is amazing!

  3. Lexi- of course I love it.. we have to shout each other out.. he he.. and I am going to totally get the book

    Laura- hello fellow sister.. nice to meet ya! Can't wait to check out your blog.. be sure to follow