A neat new find!

I came across one of the most unique sites in a while. It is called Shapeways. It is a website that helps bring your 3D designs to life. They have tons of products that you can customize.

One of my personal favorites is the Lightpoem. It is a candle holder that you can make with any words that are special to you. You could use a poem, lyrics to a song, wedding vows, friends names, etc.
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Image: Shapeways

The creator tool is incredibly easy to use and there are a few different colors you can pick from if you don't like the white.

Image: How it Works, Shapeways

If you don't quite like candle holder, there are tons of other things you can make! Check out the wine bottle ring and napkin holder below....
Image: Shapeways

Shapeways has a ton of different products that you can customize with their tool i You can buy and sell products with their online store or browse through the gallery. Such great ideas.
thanks to Weddingistas for the idea

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