"Paper with a Personality..... "

I love stationary... and am always on the "search" for unique cards... Today a friend of mine came across a great site The Kiwi Tree. The site boasts that it offers "Paper with a Personality".. Well after a few minutes perusing through their cards.. I found quite a few that I just had to order! The sarcasm of the card designers actually made me laugh out loud. While some are a bit bolder than I would personally send, I applaud them for going out on a limb and pushing the boundaries.. I also applaud the "Kiwi girls" for going after their dream, especially in the recession! You can follow them here as they embark on their card making adventure , and blog along hte way

So your friend's knocked up? Tell her it's all good, it's not like we're in college anymore. the back says "in a good way"

OH SNAP: Sometimes the best reason to send a card is no reason at all. "that's the waythe cookie crumbles"

Looking good.

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