Will you be my bridesmaid…

I recently came across the cutest post below on a blog, and just had to "reblog" it b/c I LOVE,LOVE, the idea and the delivery of the bridesmaid cards below. Of course I must give credit to Wiley Valentines blog for creating and posting. Check out the original post here

"We recently created these custom cards for a client and I just thought they were the cutest thing I had to share. The bride wanted a special way to ask each of her girlfriends to be a bridesmaid. Since they all live far away we created a custom card for each bridesmaid to be, including a photo of the bride and each girl. She took a humorous approach which completely reflects her personality."
Ok seriously, the above cards are precious.. They totally show off the brides individual style, while creating a unquie experience for each of her brides maids. I mean how could anyone turn this girl down??


  1. I love these! Not that the day is coming when I'll be asking my girl friends to be bridesmaids any time soon. I really want to do it in a creative way. This has me thinking!

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  3. ha ... that is totally why I posted them, I love to share ideas with friends/followers and save ideas for future use.. i figure why not be prepared when that day comes =)

    thanks for following!