Does Henry need a bed??? hum....

A friend, forwarded me this blog, The blogger created a adorable cat bed, for her munchkin! While the idea in theory is precious.. My cat, Henry already thinks he is the next best thing to sliced bread. Thus he will not be getting this made for him. However in case any of you would like to make a "bed" for your dog or cat, here are instructions, courtesy of A Brooklyn Limestone.

I started off with this vintage suitcase I bought for $3.
Cat Bed Step A

Our cat seems to just love to sleep in our suitcases, so I figured it would make a perfect place to sleep. Since Big Cat has discriminating tastes, some upgrades were in order. First off, he needed a cushion.

Cat Bed Step C

I used some fabric pieces I bought at Micheals. I just happened to be shopping there for another project so these jumped right out of me. For a more wallet friendly alternative, use leftover fabric or old clothing.

Cat Bed Step B

I cut a template of the interior shape and size out of newspaper.

Cat Bed Step D
Cut to size. Washed, dried and ironed.

Cat Bed Step E
I didn't have a pattern but using my experience making a box pin cushion, I winged it. Its essentially the same concept but larger.

Cat Bed Step F
Sew. Sew. Sew. (Don't forget pin, iron, futz with machine, iron, pin, etc..)

Cat Bed Step G
I made the pillow using three different fabrics but you could easily make it out of one or two.

Cat Bed Step H
Thats right, its reversible!! For a cat of many moods.

Cat Bed Step K
I handed the empty pillow to Mr. L to stuff and fluff while I worked on other embelishments.

I've often mentioned how I love photo gallery walls but I don't have the cajones to make so many holes in my plaster. So who better to give one to than our feline friend?

Cat Bed Step L

If you are pressed for time, try to resist the urge from spending way too much time pouring over cat photos and retelling cat history with your husband.

Cat Bed Step Lc

I clearly violated this tip. Do you see its dark out in the next photo?

Cat Bed Step M

Here is where I really blew the budget by committing a mortal sin of cheap chic projects. I paid retail for 4 squat wooden legs at Home Depot. At nearly $6 each, they were a splurge. Rest assured, you can find these for much less by scavenging furniture or improvising with other bits that work just as well.

Cat Bed Step N

I glued my legs to the bottom with gorilla glue because thats what I had on hand.

Finally, it was time for the unveiling.
Cat Bed Step O Finished2
Yea, thats right. You see a tiny reversible pillow there. I had the fabric and the machine was already warm - who can you blame me?

I was so pleased with how it turned out. If I could fit, I would have curled in there myself. Down it went on the living floor for his majesty's inspection. Turns out, Mr. Cat wasn't so happy with my upgrades. Do you see what is missing?
Cat Bed Step O Finished3
Thats right - the cushy pillow I spent most of my time on!


  1. Henry is so cute. My cat, Tiger Lily, looks the exact same! Neat project.

  2. Ha..just to clairfy the cat in the photos is not the photos are from the tagged blog. Henry is the all white one you see when clicking on Henry!!! so fun!