Don.. you will forever be remembered

I am saddened to share that Gap Co-Founder Don Fisher has passed away after a long battle with cancer.  The La Times posted an amazing obit on their website  (click here to read it) Don passed away at his San Fransisco home surrounded by friends and family. He will forever be remembered as a entrepreneur, philanthropist, and art collector.
Today we lost a friend, a mentor and a great visionary," Glenn Murphy, chief executive and chairman of Gap Inc., said in a statement." Don and Doris took a simple idea and turned it into a brand recognized as a cultural icon throughout the world and changed the face of retail forever."

I must share that when I read the email from Glenn Murphy at work on Sunday evening, I totally teared up. Though I never meet Don. I often joke that I if I did I would ask him to be my 3rd grandpa. I am sure this comes as no surprise to those that know me. (or those who know that I recently added two days to my California vacation to visit Gap HQ, and but a face to the name of HQ partners with whom I have communicated with throughout the years, see the Fishers art collection,etc) Click here to my read previous posts regarding Gap

I am so thankful to Don and Doris for having a dream, and vision, to open the Gap in August of 1969.  Their passion and dedication to the brand is inspiring. I am thankful that Don was able to live to see the company celebrate its' 40th anniversary last month..

My thoughts and prayers are with Doris, and their family during this tough time. Please know that while Don by be gone his legacy will live on.  and his philosophy "change or fail" will encourage Gap Inc employees to think outside the "box" for years to come....

Gap Love to all.

ps.. below are some of my favorite images of Don.

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image of Don and Doris 1969
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