Focus on the Positive

I didn't watch much of the VMA's last night, as I opt'd to rest, read a few magazines, and chat with my "big sis" from college.. I did however, manage to see Kayne make a fool of himself interupting Taylor Swifts acceptance speech for her 1st VMA to give props to Beyonce; calling her video "the best" -  so random and a bit rude... I later signed onto facebook, only to see Kanye getting the attention he wanted.. yes it was negative attention- but still it was publicity for him.. So instead of posting the video of his "mistake" I am going to shift a bit and focus on the positive..

1. Beyonce- a true "southern gal" being a class act.....
(and for those of you that know me, you know how much Beyonce's music can annoy me.. but this is a case where she  deserves a shout out!! way to step up to the plate... )

2. Taylors lighthearted side.. She put on an amazing performance just after the incident.

3. The below parody is kinda funny.. and shows a more lighthearted side..


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  2. of course.. hope you come back soon!