My name is Britain and I love magazines

Ha!! I feel as though i am addicted, not as bad as some of my friends... and I do have a system... let me explain... I love perusing through various magazines from fashion, to decorating, crafiting to travel.. I just love looking through magazines.. In fact a group of friends and I each subscribe to a few (2-5) magazines each, when they come in each month we read through them and pass them onto the next in the cycle, who then passes them on a so on.. I must admit is a great system- we all get to enjoy the magazines, always seem to have something "new" to read, and are no longer spending a fortune on magazine subcriptions..

I have several friends who feel as though they have to keep every magazine they receive... Fun story, I helpled one such friend move a few years back, and after several suitcases of magazines I swore that there must be a better answer & vowed to never do the same. So what do I/we do with all of the ideas and things we find that we "love" and just have to save.. Well, I have a quite a fun system for organizing my magazine inspiration. It is quite simple. I have a 3 ring binder, that is divided into sections

1. to send to a friend (you guys know who you are... I love sharing random findings with friends!)

2.Travel (sub-divided by domestic and international, & then alphabetized by destination)

3. Home- this ranges from decorating, to furniture to paint colors

4. holiday/parties

5. wedding/children- from ideas for friends to ideas of my own.. and everything in between

6.. MISC & recipes- this section gradually moves to my recipe binder in my kitchen or into one of the above sections

I think eventually Travel, and maybe even home will get their own binders.. but for now this seems to work..

So when reading through a magazine I "ear' the pages that interested me.. Once I am done with the entire magazine I go back through the "ears" and if it still interests me I tear out the page/article/photo and place it in the binder.. The above photo is from flicker, but I will take photos of my binder, and magazine rack and post tomorrow!

not a fan of the magazine organization, and feel the need to save them all.. Check out the adorable rack to the left.. You could sort each section by genre or date....

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