Back from Boston!

Well, I am back from Boston... I had very little access to internet while away... and was a bad blogger and did not pre-schedule posts (next time I promise) None the less, I had a great time.. and have to share! Brett was a great travel partner.. and overall we had a full 4 days..
Thursday- dinner @ Fours, Red Sox Game (they won!), and out to the Greatest Bar

Friday- lunch @ Stephanies on Newburry Street w/ Aileen and Haley, Shopping, Dinner @ 21st Amendment with fellow blogger Lexi, and Jenn, Sox Game take 2 (they won again) and out in the city.

you know I had to try a "Fenway Frank"

Saturday- precame at City Place, FSU vs BC game ( my boys lost), and Silvertones for dinner

Sunday- headed to Atlanta, dinner with Aggie, Barbara and friends..

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