Do Good

I came across a post on one of my favorite blogs Operation Nice - and have to share

The post shares a  link to the most Operation NICEY iPhone app out there- the DoGood iPhone application. The whole concept behind the DoGoodapp is to "unite individual acts of kindness into a significant movement."
Every morning, you click on the little DoGood button on your iPhone, and it gives you a task for the day. Like Wednesday's was "Give someone a hug." Simple. Obviously if it was too big a pain in the neck, it would be tough to find participants. And then when you complete your task, you click "done".

DoGoodthen keeps statistics of each event and shows you the level of participation. Not only does this app encourage people to be nice and do nice things, but it's superbly designed eye candy!

I know this post is iPhone-user-specific, but if you have one, I highly recommend playing along. It's free! And if you don't have one, maybe this is the excuse you need to go out and get one. hummm maybe I am rethinking the i-phone.. Not sure I can justify one for an app.. and I do love my Blackberry Tour!?!?


  1. Just another reason I'm so jealous of iphone users! I will be getting one as soon as Verizon gets the iphone!!!!

  2. ahh.. so fun... I am still loving my blackberry .. but one day..