Happy Birthday Alpha Chi Omega

how cute is the image above, I "borrowed" it from fellow Alpha Chi, Lexi's page

To think that 124 years ago, 7 women decided to form Alpha Chi Omega... just makes me giddy! Seriously it should come as no surprise to any of my readers that I love Alpha Chi and I love history. I will forever remember my 1st trip to Alpha "The mecca" as I called it! I remember searching campus for the "maple tree" (I still ask chapters members about it when I am visiting) ...  Yes, I love the Alpha Chapter and our founders - for without the ladies, Estelle, Bessie, Anna, Nellie, Bertha, Olive, and Amy .. there would not be a Beta chapter, Gamma Chapter, Delta Chapter.. ............................or a Beta Eta chapter.. Yes folks the 52nd chapter of Alpha Chi Omega is the chapter near and dear to my heart.. My memories have been and are still being made at 518 West park avenue.. I look back on the times I laughed and cry, I look back at the times I cried and laughed. I am looking forward to celebrating my 10th founders day as an Alpha Chi and as  a Beta Eta tonight!!!

Want to make a difference in the lives of Alpha Chi's across the nation?? Consider donating $7.00 in honor of the 7 founders this founders day..  Click here to do so!

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