Photo Swap fun!

So a fellow blogger and friend Maddy over at Madeline Elle told me about this photo swap blogging project.. It sounded like fun, so I went and checked it out. Below is the info about the project.

So here is my idea - everyone either takes a roll of film - or buys a disposable camera
it has to be something that you have to develop
and they take photos just for their swap partner, then send the cameras/films to each other and develop the other persons photos.
(and post them on their blogs for everyone to see of course)

Sounds fun right? I can't wait to see what kind of photos I get, and as for taking photos.. I am thinking I am going to theme the shoot?? hum.. should I do Southern? Florida State? Alpha Chi? or just some of my favorite things?

if you are interested in participating hop on over to For the Easily Distracted blog and sign up


  1. yay so glad you did it too, what if we get each other, that would be so ironic!