Sleep tonight pretty girl

Must share my "handy work" of the night.... During each day of the week during "big, little " week at the chapter I advise the new members receive a small present. Tomorrow the new members will receive pillows.. One of the "bigs" approached me and asked if I would her her "create" her pillows.... She had picked out the fabric.. but was stuck from there.. So I stitched up two pillows, sewed on some ribbon and a bow and Ta Da!! The pillow are done! Now I think I want to make some more pillows for my guest room.. Ummmmm..

No I am not allowed to embark on another project.. as this weekend I must recover all of the seats to my lyre back chairs both mine and those I am giving as gifts! I'll be sure to share the final photos!


  1. Do you have an embroidery machine??? These are AWESOME!

  2. I was also going to comment on the embroidery, sooo good! Can't wait to see the chairs (& hopefully you at work this weekend!)

  3. sorry I couldn't loan you my machine, but I will next time. I'm sure we both got more done apart than if we'd tried to sew and make casseroles together! ba ha ha

  4. ha no worries.... I went and bought extra needles for my machine today.. so I am good to go.. Maybe next time I'll be more careful!

    The embroidery was done elsewhere.. i just cut and sewed the pillows and added the ribbon and bow.. Though I do want to buy an embroidery machine.