Baby its Cold Outside......

While it is no where near "snow weather" here in Tallahassee, it is truly the time of year, that makes me want to turn down the air, and turn on the fire place.. During the week of Thanksgiving, many families but up their Christmas decorations, lights, etc. With my birthday on December, 3rd. I have become determined to celebrate my birthday BEFORE decorating for Christmas....

No worries, this has not made me a ba- humbug... much to the contrary it has forced me to become more organized. I use the week of Thanksgiving to finish all Christmas/Holiday cards (ready to go out in the mail on "Black Friday", create by "buy" lists, and strive to have everyone gifts bought/crafted and wrapped, (NO WAY I'm shopping on Black Friday- besides the fact that I work- it is a CRAZY day at the mall.... )

This year.. all I want for Christmas is "snow", something tells me this is not going to happen, perhaps I'll just have to buy some here 

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