Community Bookcase

I came across a blog post on the Decor8 blog  and I just had to share it!
"See this bookcase standing on the sidewalk? No, it’s not waiting for the movers to come pick it up. And no, it’s not part of some eviction. Oh and it definitely is not an animated bookcase that came to life at night in the local library and decided to go all independent and flee the scene. This is indeed a normal, everyday bookcase with glass doors that you can open and contents inside that are 100% free to the public. No library cards, overdue notices or payment required. At this bookcase you simply visit it, find a book (or two) that you want, remove it and put it in your little tote or bicycle basket, and then go on your merry little way. The bookcase only asks that in return, you bring some of your own books back to replenish the supply. And this is not the only bookcase that I’ve located here in Hannover. There is another one near the city center. This one happens to be a few blocks from my house on Jakobistr. Of course, all of the books are in German but it encourages me even more to keep up with my studies! I want to sneak in a few of my English books next time I’m out, I’m sure some would be interested in them. :) Don’t you love this idea of a community bookcase? I’m not sure how this would work everywhere, I mean in some cities I imagine people who take books and sell them for profit on eBay, but here it does not seem to be a problem and the bookcases always have plenty to look through on them. What do you think of this idea? Would you want something like this in your city?"

Ok... you get the jest.. While I am  not sure that this would work in Tallahassee, I love the idea of it!!!

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