Oh Canada....

so it started out with me talking to a friend about various countries on our "travel to" lists.. then bored in jury duty.. I googled the map of Canada, and I realized just how big that place is!!! Craziness....

it's like at least 3x as big as the United States..  - the northern boundary of our Alaska isn't even halfway north into Canadian territories Canada totally stretchs to the arctic!

and I learned that Canada has oil fields that are 2nd only to those in the  mideast - Just think once those Canadians figure out how to tap/ leverage that resource -WATCH OUT world!!!

Ok enough about my random geography for the day...

back to blogging and then bed..


  1. Yup .. we're big alright, although not as big as that map makes it look. The top of the map is stretched because of the effect of projecting a curved map on a flat surface. You would need to look at a globe to get a real sense of how large Canada is. We're actually only a little bit larger than the U.S.

  2. ha, ha... i know.. i know.. Just thought it was a super fun and random...something I am sure you have come to expect from me if you are a regular reader (if so be sure to follow me)

    I love, love looking at the places on my "travel list" and well, really just learning about those places I have yet to experience!

  3. First time visiting ... just stumbled across this blog, but I book-marked it and might stop by once in a while. Now I know what to expect!

  4. look forward to seeing comments in the future!