Who Dat!!!

GEAUX Saints.... Excited to share a mini post about my quick weekend trip home. I worked Saturday till 5, and then hopped in the car to make the trip home to Lakeland. Sunday am, Mom, Dad and I went to breakfast, and then headed to the New Orleans Saints vs Tampa Bay Bucs game. After a bit of tailgating

we entered Raymond James Stadium, where we were excited to see more Saints fans than we had initially though would make the trek.... What a game it was... the Saints secured a 38-7 win, and are now 10-0 in the season. Could they go to the Super Bowl???? I am pulling for them!

After the game I was able to meet up with my brother, and have "family" dinner before heading back to Tallahassee! Such a quick trip, but soooo worth it.. I must share two of my favorite "moments" from the trip.
1. dad telling the story of pushing my mom nearly 8 months pregnant with me, up the ramps of the SuperDome to their seats, for her only to have to go to the restroom. Then making the trek to the seats again, only to arrive to their seats and have the surrounding fans clap.. So cute.... and so fun to know Dad was "grooming" me to be a Saints fan nearly 29 years ago...
2. So as you all know the Saints do not have the best history for winning seasons. It has been fun sharing in the excitement of each weeks win with Dad, however today nearing the end of the game, nearly all of the Bucs fans had cleared out, and the Saints fans were migrating towards the side lines and going CRAZY.."Who Dat" they chanted, as they held signs of 10-0, Geaux Saints, etc.. I turned to see if Dad was behind me only to see him taking it all in, with tears in his eyes.. Seriously, he would KILL me for sharing this, but it made me tear up and totally made the entire trip worth it!!!
3. This photo of Dad watching the game.. LOVE IT


  1. so glad to read about the fun - what a great memory for the whole fam!