Don't forget your neighbors..

13 days till Christmas... so you better get thinking about neighbor gifts.

I came across some of the below ideas on a blog I follow (little Birdie Secrets) and just had to share. The blogger shared some great ideas! I can't wait to try some of them out and see how it goes..

Who doesn't need wrapping paper at the holidays? Attached a little tag that said, "Get yourself all wrapped up in the holidays!"

Instead of making cookies, do "cookie in a jar" so your friends/neighbors can bake up the batch of cookies whenever they want instead of having too many to eat at once. The site Razzle Dazzle Recipeshas tons great cookie mixes (pick your favorite and go to town) To make the mix, that much more perfect..  attach the recipe of what is needed on some cute paper tie it on with ribbon, and Voila!

Put some Hershey kisses in a whisk with a tag that reads, "We whisk you a Merry Kissmas!"

Another simple idea "Have a sparkling Christmas."


  1. I LOVE the wrapping paper idea! And, since my kids go to a school that sells wrapping paper every fall, I'm going to definitely plan ahead next year and buy some for that very purpose. :)

  2. great idea! kill two birds with one stone! I am going to try to cookies in a jar this year!