Holiday tips:

1. Keep Old traditions alive, but be open to new ones
2. Take time to watch your favorite movies (even if they are not Christmas ones)
3. Take time for yourself
4. Get a pedicure! (hey you'll be wearing those heels at the holiday parties)
5. Share your baking with your friends, co-workers and neighbors
6. Listen to music you enjoy (again doesn't have to be holiday music, but music that relaxes/energizes you)
7. Drink lots of water- not only is it healthy- but will balance out those holiday party drinks!
8. Laugh, smile, and enjoy the moments!
9. Stop, and take time to take it all in
10. Take Pictures
11. Take a moment to yourself, and schedule downtime
12. Pick your battles
13. Take time to catch up with friends and family- from holiday cards to phone calls. take a second to catch up!
14. Volunteer - adopt a family, volunteer at a food bank, or donate to a worthy cause
15. Show your personality- from your holiday party outfits, to your wrapping paper- personalize it
16. Stay organized- from shoping lists, to planning your holiday parties, and presents.. be sure to stay organized, so things don't get overwhelmed
17. Take Notes- love a baked good at work, or party idea- take notes so you can re-create your favorite things in the future
18. Stop and say thanks- from a simple gesture to a holiday gift. Hosting a party or attending an event - take time to say thanks
19. be understanding- not everyone has the same level of holiday spirit.. nor do we all celebrate the same holiday.. remember to be understanding and considerate of those around us.
20. Remember the reason for the season!!!!

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