Pretzel Hugs

Since I totally missed sharing this until after Christmas, I am going to post now- be sure to buy a bag of pretzel rings and tuck them away in the baking section of your pantry- you can make these with Valentine's Day-colored M&Ms.. That is my plan.. I'll be sure to post the results in February!

This is the easiest Christmas treat to make and always gets rave reviews. What you need:
-Ring-shaped pretzels
-Hershey Hugs
*Five bags of Hugs are approximately proportional to one bag each of the pretzels and M&Ms*

-Turn the oven on to 250 degrees
-Unwrap the Hugs, place in the center of rings (this is tedious and always makes me feel like I'm getting a RSI)
-Place in the oven for 2 minutes- until the Hugs get melty
-Take out, quickly place M&M in center of Hug, squashing down the pointy part
-Put in freezer until solid
-Remove from pan and quickly wrap and give to your neighbors, co-workers, etc, otherwise you'll end up eating them all!

Compliments of Queen Bee Swain blogger

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