Southern Football at its Best!!!

I hope he wore his waterproof eye black so his bible verses don’t run. 

Florida lost, Texas won, and Clemson played a great game... 
        overall such a great day of college football!!

       Thoughts on Tim Tebow.. b/c everyone is talking, so I feel the need to share my opinion. It is just that my opinion and in no way do I mean to offend anyone by sharing.. 
       1st- I am so excited to see him graduate. I say this mainly becuase I am tired of watching college football only to hear him being idolized by the media, broadcasters, and fans. I am tired of hearing about how Tim Tebow won the game.. what about the rest of his team? What about the coaches?? I am tired about hearing how the Gators are so much better than x team. Yes may be this year, but what about years past...  Why do so many people want to see Tim and the Gators fail?? My thoughts are becuase the media has placed them the spotlight and portrayed them as perfect. Do I/Have I always wanted to see them fail- NO- I just want a good game! 
       Tim is an amazing athlete, he has been an amazing leader both on and off the field. and is a good Christian guy.  He has used his position for good, and has become a role model to team-mates, fans, and spectators across the nation. He plays each and every game with heart, and determination and inspires his teammates to do the same. I wish more athletes would use the platform they are given to have a positive impact and not just be athletes, but student-athletes and role models to the fans and kids who look up to them. Tim has had an excellent "career" at UF,  from SEC wins, to National Championships and everything in between he will go down in history as one of the best college football players, and I wish him the best in the draft, and in his future endeavors. (fingers crossed he does not go to the Saints)
        What will 2010 bring: Well, Things aren’t going to be the same at UF without Tebow and the Gators may lose a few more games. But I am not one to say their program will change overnight- Brantley (the incoming GB) is good, and UF has a good program in place. However, with Tebow gone the playing field is much more level in the state of Florida (esp. UF, FSU, and UM)
        My friend David said it best... (see quote below)
"College football is cyclical. 2009 Gators reminds me of the 2000 Seminoles. Thought of as unbeatable, but lost a big game, their Heisman winning QB, other key players, and coaches. Florida was down for a few years and Miami and FSU we on top. Florida fired Zook and hired Meyer and everything flipped. Miami fired Coker... and hired Shannon and Coach Bowden retired and FSU now has football is cyclical!"    - David Castillo, FSU '04
       I am excited to watch the '09 National Championship game, and the upcoming 2010 season..  It will be interesting to see how things play out!!! One thing is for sure, no matter the rival, I will always enjoy a good game, and my heart will always be with Florida State  GO NOLES!!!


  1. Good post! And good question, "Why do so many people want to see Tebow and the Gators fail?" I agree that it's partly because the media has portrayed them as perfect. I also think that some people delight in seeing those who are successful, (whether in sports, business, politics, etc.) fail, perhaps because they have not achieved what they consider success in their own lives.
    The three powerhouse teams in the state of Florida will continue to do well, although as your friend pointed out, not all at the same time. Here's to interesting and exciting college football!

  2. Thanks girl! I totally agree.. I am just excited for the bowl games, and the 2010 season! Can't we all just get a long?

  3. This is awesome!!! Love it!!
    Joan Dwyre