Things that made me smile today

1261489912_carrie-underwood-290  Carrie Underwood got engaged.. WOW look at that ring!

http://www.alienjesus.com/wp-content/uploads/2007/12/snow-house.jpg Dreaming of a "White Christmas" ok.. probably not going to happen in Florida.. but one can dream right??

Christmas cookie parties with good friends and their children.. I love watching how "into it" the kids get.. so fun!!!

So excited that this time tomorrow night. Ill be home with the family for the holidays! Though it will be a short trip home.. it will be well worth it!!! I am so looking forward to my "longer" trip home in the spring..


  1. holy crap - look at that ring!

  2. I mean, I am going to need a close up of it...=) Hey I am just a simple girl.. I don't need anything that big..