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I came across the below article on BFGcom's blogand I just had to share.. it was totally exciting to me! Enjoy ....

Barcodes are everywhere, but they are so 20th century if you think about it. We’re used to seeing barcodes on pretty much every product we come into contact with, but as we surge farther into the digital age, they are becoming quickly outdated and outpaced by our needs and the technologies we now carry in our pockets, namely our phones. We need our information faster, in easier to understand increments and we need to share that information quickly. So, the brainiacs at MIT have come up with something they call a Bokode.
Bokodes are tiny and carry a lot more information than barcodes and the best part is that many of them can be read by a mobile phone camera at the same time.
Example: Step into an aisle at the grocery store, snap a photo of ALL the packages in front of you and all the Bokodes will then be read by the camera. With this shot you’ll get a lot of information such as cost, nutritional info and it might even tell you if the brands sitting nearby are cheaper. Bokodes can be placed on a restaurant sign for instance, and then when the Google street view camera car comes down the street and shoots the restaurant facade, the Bokode will then transmit a multitude of information about the restaurant, such as menu and hours.
Step into a bookstore, point your camera at the aisle of books and the implanted Bokodes will point you to exactly where your book is located on the shelf. Bokodes can be used in factories or industrial settings to track objects. So the possibilities for the Bokodes are endless.
The BBC has a good video of one of the MIT researchers talking about the Bokodes and showing off their potential.

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