I came across this old photo of my dad from circa early 80's. It is from when we lived in New Orleans, and the streets often flooded when big rainstorms came along. I totally love this photo for so many reasons. a. it makes me laugh b/c my dad looks like a total hippie. b.becuase the kids are playing in the street, I remember mom letting us put the wind up toys into the street, and we would watch them "swim away" 3. becuase it makes all the flooding in Tallahassee seem not that bad. In fact it has stopped raining and started to clear up. However, the city of Tallahassee just released the below (decided to post for my Tallahassee followers)
Street flooding - the City is reporting the following streets as being flooded:
 W. Tharpe St./Gloria
2000 N Meridian Rd.
2700 Capital Circle N.E.
800 Ocala Rd.
Bradford Rd. at Bradford Ct.
7th Ave. at N Monroe St.
Thomasville Rd. between Bradford and Gardenia
Calhoun St. at Brevard St.
3700 Thomasville Rd.
W. Tennessee St. at Blountstown Hwy.
444 Appleyard Dr.
W. Tennessee St. at Macomb St.
Orange Ave. at Blairstone Rd.
1100 Clay St.
Centerville Rd. at both Medical Dr. and Physicans Dr.
Vasser/Vasser Ct.
Portland Ave. at Old Bainbridge Rd.
Lake Ella Dr.
Suwannee St. at Lafayette St.
N. Duval St. at 8th Ave
800 Apalachee Pkwy.
Medical Dr. and Surgeons Dr.
Thomasville Rd. at Leewood
506 Ausley Rd/
2600 N Monroe St.
1700 W Tharpe St  at Godby H.S.
Thomasville Rd. at Dorothy B. Oven Park
2959 / 3100 Apalachee Pkwy
Virginia St. at N. Macomb St.
Eppes Dr. at Jackson Bluff Rd.
N. Monroe St. at Martin Luther King, Jr. Blvd.
Lake Bradford Rd. at railroad overpass/Stuckey St.
W. Pensacola St. at Ocala Rd.
Nugget/Hartsfield Rd.
Hillcrest Dr.
E. Gaines St. at S. Meridian
Arkansas St.
Shamrock East at Bayshore and River Chase
Monroe from Jennings to Oakland
Blairstone Road north of Orange Ave.
 Additional streets are being reported as having flooding, but this list was available as of 11 a.m.


  1. That picture is awesome! Our freaking bathroom flooded... ugh it was so terrible. I had to wash and use like 8 towels and it was all dirty. EW!

  2. oh wow.. that is too crazy.. yes I witnessed a landslide off of mahan near leon today.. so crazy