Hosting an eco-freindly Super Bowl party!!

Tips for hosting a "green" Super Bowl Party!!!
1. send an evite.. You can go to to create, and send an invite!
2. downplay the decor/props, etc... After all everyone eyes are going to be on the Tevlevision
3. Serve Local food/drinks... do you have a local winery or microbrewery?? and/or instead of "junk" food serve vegi trays pull of goods from local farmers
4. avoid paper products- use real dishes, glasswear and utencils
5. RECYCLE!!! as always be sure to recycle anything that you can from beer bottles, to napkins and everything in between!
6. give any left overs to a local shelter!


  1. You're so adorable. I would definitely do this if I were going to have a Super Bowl Party ;)

  2. very clever and smart!

  3. ahh.. wish the super bowl was a bit earlier so all my friends with kids could join.. oh decisions, decisions...