A little over a month until.....

you guess it Valentines day.....

While I def. think that this holiday is a "hallmark holiday" and it has become over commercialized in recent years. The hopeless romantic in me likes to look to the real meaning of Valentines day and embrace the fun of it.... I love baking goodies for my employees at work, and the collegians I advice.. I even made Valentines for them the past couple of years.

When reading one of my followed blogs "A Southern Accent" I came across the below post, and just had to share.. She is  offering custom Valentine design again this year. For $20, you'll get a cute, custom Valentine that you can upload to a photo printing company ( for example) and order prints just as you would prints of a photo for pretty cheap (for example, 20 prints at are $4.50) She has done these the last two years for her little guy at pre-school and the kids (and parents) love them.

I love, love the idea of customer Valentines.. not only are they more personal, they are something that will help you or your little one stand out.. and something you can keep for years to come.. You should definitely check them out. Just use the link to her blog above. Her post contains her contact information! 2010-01-12_122753


  1. of course! I think they are just precious.. and had to share. Hope you see some traffic!